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What people are saying

Having already lost a few kg, I started my sessions with Mark to continue my journey whilst I still had the motivation. From Day 1 it was very clear that these sessions were soon to play a key part in any future progress I was to make. Over the following months the weight, and more importantly body fat %, continued to fall, eventually settling at a 12% body fat drop! (28% to 16%). What I enjoyed most was that whilst training there was never any judgement about past decisions, whether it was a hefty pizza or a beer-fuelled weekend, the focus was on the future goal and expectation management. Another highlight was that praise was given when it was deserved, rather than used constantly as a motivational tool. Not only did this keep me focused, I began to accept the compliments and start to feel good about myself! Having had my fair share of injuries, Mark was always willing to listen to how I felt and make the modifications required whilst still ensuring I gave him the odd evil look for how hard I was about to work!


When I first started working with Mark, I was very overweight and not very strong, my eating habits were pretty bad too. Mark gave me some great nutrition tips and I started to track what I was eating. Training wise, within a short period, I felt stronger than I had ever done, using weights I would never of thought I could lift. I added muscle and lost fat, people started to notice the difference. Mark would always be checking my form to ensure exercises were done correctly, I had less niggles. Aside from being a great PT to work with, he is a top man, friendly and approachable. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark to anyone.