1. How long do the programs/Packages go for?

Generally speaking, I advise that you work with me for a minimum of 12 weeks but I still will tailor the program length specific to your health, fitness and wellness goals.

2. I've never had online coaching before, how will I actually be kept accountable to achieve results?

I use unique accountability measures along with weekly check-ins. We will track your measurements, workouts, steps and nutrition and set daily goals to help you achieve your big picture goal!

3. What is provided in your coaching programs?

You will receive a training program, a personalised nutritional plan and/or calorie and macro goals as well as weekly check-ins, monthly recipes, supplement recommendations specific to your goal and track all your biofeedback. I will ensure you receive ongoing support to unlock long term success!

4. How do you track results?

We will track results and progress with your check-in photos and measurements and monitor your training by tracking your workouts and what you are lifting each session.

5. How many times will I be expected to train per week?

This will be dependent on your individual needs and goals. I recommend 3 sessions per week as a minimum and have more advanced clients or athletes training up to 6 times per week leading into a competition.